Guide Price

Please note that the prices shown on BoulevardMiriEshop are guide prices only and are only approximate. The total guide price shown in the Customer’s shopping trolley and order confirmation email may difference from the Customer’s final bill.
The difference between guide price and the Customer’s final amount charged will be due to one or more of the following reasons:-

1. Weighed products
The weighed products such as fruits or vegetables that are shown in the website are served as a guide price only. What you pay will be according to the exact weight of your products, thus price may be vary.

2. Changing in-store prices
The guide price is based on today’s prices in store, however what you pay will be based on the store price of the products on the day of your delivery.

The guide price will be based on the today’s prices in store. However, what you being required to be pay will be based on the store price of the products on the day goods being delivered.

3. Promotion dates
Any promotion products that have being order have to be delivered before the promotion end date (shown on product page) to be qualify for the promotion prices. If your delivery happens after the promotion events/time, the promotion price will not be applied.

If the value of the goods delivered is higher than the value stated in the order confirmation or if the Customer considers that the difference between the price charged and the guide price shown on the website is unacceptable, the Customer has every right not to accept the goods.